Natural Hair Styles

Natural Hair Styles

Women often have questions about the kinds of natural hair styles they can wear if they go from chemically treated hair to natural hair. There are surprisingly quite a few natural hair styles that black women can wear. We have posted pictures of natural hair styles below. With fashion on a continuous and trendy upward swing, new styles are coming out almost every day giving rise to the many ways women can style natural hair. These styles are limited to the beholder’s creativity.

Natural styles can be done in the salon or you can do them yourself due to the simplicity of some of the styles. Or perhaps with a little creativity you can create your own style.

Once upon a time there was a mental stigma and stereo-type that existed with women who chose to wear natural hair styles. But over the last decade natural styles are seen worn by children and adults both male and female, corporate and professional. Styles include rod sets, two-strand twists, braids, afro, weaves, locks, coils, flat iron, and many more styles.

Wearing natural hair styles is no longer perceived as a statement of identifying with one’s cultural ethnicity. It has become a statement of fashion.

Pictures of natural hair styles:



We hope these natural hair pictures have given you some idea of what is possible with your hair if that is something you have been struggling with.